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Saturday, August 30, 2014

My Filofax and JetPens Goodies!

Are you there friends, its me Brandon!

So I did another youtube video today to share with all of you some of the items I use in my filofax. I had a lot of fun filming this one mostly because I had some new items from JetPens.com to talk about.

Also I thought I would also mention on here my thoughts on JetPens.com since this was my first order through them. I should mention that I usually never purchase anything online because when I get the item it  isn't what I expected or the photo's made it look higher quality. So I was very nervous about ordering products without customer reviews as well as ordering from a website that I had never used before. But my whole purchasing experience was amazing, and I really recommend this website to those of you who share a stationery addiction with me! There are so many choices on their website and the prices are comparable to amazon. Plus if you spend over 25 dollars shipping is free! And who doesn't love free things? The items I got where exactly as pictured and I am really pleased.

In other news it seems there has been a dislike troll milling around my youtube channel and has decided to give me a few thumbs down reviews on a few of my videos. I have absolutely no idea why this upsets me as much as it does....but it kinda hurts my feelers. No matter, I will still continue sharing my thoughts and feelings on my blog and youtube. But what would be amazing would be for you, yes you reading this, to go onto my youtube channel and subscribe and give your favorite video of mine a big thumbs UP! I really appreciate all the love I can get on my channel!

Also as a little side note, as you may or may not have known todays weather was very cool and breezy here in the PNW which is my absolute favorite weather. So to celebrate a cooler day I decided to whip out the kettle and make myself a cup of tea...yum! Going to drink it all up, then go to bed. So until next time, have an amazing day!