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Sunday, August 24, 2014

My inspiration filofax with new video!

Are you there friends, its me Brandon.

As I promised this morning, I filmed another filofax video for you all to enjoy! This video was certainly a labor of love because I was having a really difficult time speaking with any coherence. But I finally got it filmed, edited, and uploaded! 

In other news. Another reason this video took such a long time was that I had almost no motivation to do anything today. I stayed in my pajamas until noon! Granted I did wake up at 4:45am on my day off, so its not like I slept until noon (this is my justification).

Once I got myself ready I decided that a bit of shopping was in order. If you have noticed anything about me it is probably that I quite enjoy to shop. So today I indulged a small amount and got a few nice bits and bobs for myself. Nothing wildly exciting. Mostly just things like hairspray and face wash and some cologne. Things that I usually put off buying because they are often times more than I want to spend. But today I decided that I would just go for it!

Well thanks for stopping by and watching my video. Don't forget to check out my channel for all my other videos and follow me on twitter and instagram if that suits your fancy :@bvcrafts1. 


And as always, have an amazing day!