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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Throwback Thursday

Are you there lovelies, its me Brandon.

Since today is when our Facebook feeds are inundated with #TBT posts, I thought I would save you from reading a small blurb on social media. But rather ask that you read an ENTIRE post on my TBT story. And you thought I was going to entertain you some other way...

My throwback is my very first crafting project. And when I say "very first" I don't mean like when I made a throw pillow in kindergarten (yes we actually did that, let me know if you want pictures of that as well) granted that may be slightly more interesting. Its like my kindergarten teacher knew how I was going to turn out and said to herself, what can I teach this boy that he will use in his every day life? How to accessorize a throw pillow!? Thats perfect!!

Whoa tangent.

The first crafting project I am talking about is the one that got me into crafting in the current years. As many of you might remember from my Project life post my first scrapbook was memorializing my senior year of high school, and my graduation celebrations. But actually that wasn't my first craft that year, and it wasn't the one that got me driving to the craft store on a regular basis. The project that I give this credit to was actually a quilt I made for an art history class (Christine if you're reading this, I miss your classes very much). I was tasked with learning something new from a peer and somehow relating that to a particular artist or movement of art.

So what did I choose to learn from a peer you are probably screaming at your computer screen? Well I had my mom teach me how to quilt! Since this particular craft is something that the woman in my family have been doing for many years I thought it would be fitting that the knowledge and wisdom from many generations of quilters be passed down to me (since I was the only interested party in the household). So what I made was a small crib size quilt and used some of the colors and patters that I found in a body of artwork depicting Salome and Judith, who if you are not familiar were considered femme fatals. I could jump into a whole history section here but I'll save you the misery and get back to my TBT story.

So I learned how to quilt! *Gasp!* It was such a revelation. I really enjoyed being taught by my mom and the process of quilting was actually really interesting. I also loved how artistic you could be without having to know how to draw or paint. It was taking textiles and creating something beautiful out of them. So are you finally ready to see some photographs? Let me just warn you that my first quilt was sort of rubbish, but still something fun to share with you.

My lovely mamacita helping me plan the layout! 

Here are the finished layers, before the final binding.

The school project that inspired it all. My quilt next to three lovely family quilts. 

The final project, aint it beautiful? Not very square if Im honest... 

And there you have it folks. The first crafting project in my adult life. The one that kickstarted an obsession and an experience that taught me how much I love making things. Its hard to believe it has been almost three years since I made that quilt. So much has happened and I have grown so much as a crafter. 

Well thats all for today. I hope you enjoyed my #TBT story. Please comment if you want to see that pillow, I am sure its around somewhere. Also don't forget to like, comment, share, and the other usual blah blah.

And until next time, have an amazing evening lovelies.