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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Card-making part 1 with new youtube video!

Are you there friends, its me Brandon.

So today I decided to film my second ever youtube video. Because I was too lazy to style my hair, which if you're wondering takes around 30 minutes, I decided to just do a "process" type video. Its the type where I show you how I do something in particular. And since I wanted to film it before it got massively hot in my apartment I wanted to keep it short. So what I ended up making was a video showing off my card making skills. Hallmark eat your heart out. Just kidding the card actually did not turn out like I wanted, but the video was halfway decent so...you win some, lose some.

I will give myself an excuse as to why my card didn't turn out like I had imagined. And that is because filming with a large tripod right in front of you makes seeing what you are doing very difficult. Trying to stamp and cut paper was clearly very difficult. But now I know to have my paper cut and ready to go before I try filming. Anyhoot! You came here to watch a video didn't you? And you thought I would get straight to it? Think again.....But seriously, heres the video.

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