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Monday, August 11, 2014

Filofax Loving!

Just recently discovered the world of Filofax thanks to some wonderful people on youtube. And boy is it thrilling! There were so many wonderful choices of brands and styles that were inspired by the original Filofax (although for all I know filofax could have been based off another inspiration). So what to choose? Well this was a conundrum for me, because lets face it; name brand Filofaxes are quite expensive. What if I didn't like them? Or what if I got the wrong size? All of these questions really frightened me, especially since I would have to lay down a pretty penny.

So what did I do, you might wonder? I did absolutely nothing. I had resigned myself to being Filofax-less for eternity. There were just too many unanswered questions. Though I watched hours of youtubers proclaiming their love for filofax I just couldn't make up my mind. But happily I wasn't the only person watching these videos, because the one being forced to watch endless hours of setup videos and planner hauls was paying attention. And they made some choices for me.

My wonderful partner of almost three years knows how to pick up my subtle hints. Granted often times they are not quite so subtle. This time there was a 500 lb filofax in the room, and I wanted one bad. So after a month of videos and vocalizing my lust over these elegant planners, a package arrived with a present from Shane.

And inside you might ask? Was the most wonderful present I could have asked for! It was a beautiful red saffiano Filofax! 

So now you might ask what I have been using it for, or perhaps what's inside. But for now this is all I have. I am still working on formatting the pages, as well as finding things that I want to reside in my filofax. So keep an eye out for a future post, and I will share with you what I have been using my red saffiano for. 

For now, thanks for reading, please comment and share and blah blah blah. If it's just you mom, reading this post, see you sunday. 

Have a great week lovelies.