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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My cursed Project Life Product review

Are you there friends, its me Brandon.

So today I decided that once I got off work I would come home and film a new video for my youtube channel. I have been wanting to film a product review on all my project life items for some time now and have been putting it off because I wanted to do the video justice. As I have mentioned before, Project Life revived my love of scrapbooking and has become a large part of my crafting world. That being said, not every product I've come across has been a great success. And for those of you new to the pocket page scrapbooking systems I wanted to share with you the ups and downs, hits and misses, or successes and downfalls, of the Project Life system. Sounds like a valiant idea right? So I thought I would give my first product review a try. And heres what happened...

Firstly I waited far too long to get myself presentable to film. So by the time I got everything set up and got myself ready the sun had already started beating down on my apartment. I film in front of my patio since the lighting is decent, but after a certain point in the afternoon the heat becomes unbearable. But I thought I would tough it up and get my video done. Oh how ambitious I was.

I ended up filming around 25 minutes of mostly useable material. Although I kept losing my train of thought and often times got tongue tied, I figured my video would end up being around 10-15 minutes and I was relatively happy with my presentation. Once I uploaded the video to my computer though I realized the material was just unusable, and heres why.

It is currently 90 degrees outside, and I would say it is at least 80 in my filming area. Suffice to say it was very warm. At the start of the video I was cool, calm, and collected. But by the end I was none of those things. My face had turned tomato red, my hair had expanded into an afro, and I was shinier than a freshly minted quarter. I looked laughably bad. Plus I sounded really agitated. Brandon doesn't do well in the heat.

Anyway I've decided to try again tomorrow but this time I will start filming early in the afternoon before it becomes a sauna in my apartment. So until then all I have to show you are the photo's I took to use as a thumbnail for my video. I hope this interests you enough to stop by again soon and watch my Project Life Product review.

Let me know if you would like to see something in particular in my next video, as well as any questions you may have. Check me out on twitter and instagram as well if that suits your fancy @bvcrafts1

Thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate all the feedback I've gotten recently on my blog and youtube channel. It makes me very happy. So until next time...

Have an amazing day!


Finally finished the video, so here it is :D