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Sunday, August 24, 2014

My inspiration Filofax

Are you there friends, its me Brandon.

So I have been pretty busy this week with work, and I have been MIA on my blog and youtube channel since the week started. So today, since it is my day off, I plan on filming and posting a new video for you all! I am really hoping I will be able to compile enough interesting content to share with you what I call my Inspiration Filofax. I know I mentioned it in my last video but I did not go into detail as to how I use my filofax, and what it means to me. So before I film my video (I am waiting for the sun to come up so I have better lighting) I thought I would share on here a little about my filofax.

My lovely red saffiano filofax was a gift from Shane, and since then I have been absolutely obsessed with it. I watch hours of youtube videos a week on filofax set-ups and how other people use their planner. But no matter how many videos I watch, I still can't come to use my planner for the traditional daily planning. Instead I use it for things that inspire me to create. Though I do keep a monthly insert, I use it mostly for other things. 

I am most likely going to expand on my filofax sometime soon so I have more places for other things I find interesting like books I want to read or blogs that I frequent. But for now I keep my favorite quotes, future projects, products I would love to try out, and a password keeper for all the websites I have a subscription/account with. For now I just use lined paper in each of the sections to keep track of my thoughts and ideas. For the most part it is almost like a very organized journal where I put certain ideas and thoughts in certain sections. I have really come to love this sort of inspiration binder and I find it really fun to use. 

So keep an eye out on my youtube channel for my next video! I really hope it turns out well and that you all will enjoy it. I will post on here again when it is actually up and share with you anything interesting that I don't mention in the video. 

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And check out my last youtube video if you missed it at youtube.com/user/bvcrafts

As always have an amazing day, and I will talk to you very soon!

Here is a little spoiler picture on another video that I plan on filming soon: my favorite filofax goodies. Let me know if you would enjoy that video so I can put that on my list of things to film! 

Finally filmed my filofax setup video! Let me know what you think! :D