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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Project life, and why it works!

As many of you fellow scrappers may have noticed, pocket page scrapbooking systems are all the rage. From We are memory keepers, Snap, Project life, and soon a few other companies there are plenty of choices when it comes to pocket page protectors. So what system did I choose? Well firstly I have to share a little background information first.

Insert Waynes World flashback....

I started scrapbooking back in 2012 right after I graduated high school. I really wanted a way to memorialize the ceremony and my graduation party. So many wonderful friends and family made the trek to Portland to share that week with me. So after doing my research I decided that a traditional photo album just wouldn't cut it. I wanted something a little more artistic, and perhaps fancier looking. So I took a trip to the local craft store and got to shopping (if you know me at all, you'll know shopping is my favorite pastime). Of course starting out I really had no idea what I was doing, so a small 6x8 traditional scrapbook is what I chose. And after I completed that one I tried a 12x12 for everyday life scrapbooking, which sounded like a great idea at the time but just didn't work out for me.  So my scrapbook pages became less and less frequent until I practically stopped scrapbooking at all.

Fast forward to 2014 after Shane and I moved into our first apartment together. I had been shopping at my local craft store for a sewing project and I decided to take a gander at the scrapbooking area, just to see what was new. I came across a lovely display for something called Project Life by Becky Higgins. I really had not intended on started any new projects so I took a peek and then went home with my sewing haul. Later that night I decided to look up Project Life on youtube and see what people thought of it, and really what was it all about?

And there marks the start of something beautiful!

I ran right back to the craft store first thing the next morning and purchased everything I needed for my project life album.

And really it is as simple as that! I got the album, page protectors, the card set, and some pens! From there all I had to do was dig out some photographs and start scrapping! It was so easy, so seductive. Just write some information down, slide in some pictures and you're done! At first I started from the earliest pictures I had and the design was very minimal. No embellishments, stickers, stamps, nothing. But lets just say that once I caught up to current day in my project life album and I had scrapped all my old photos I decided to get a lot more creative. 

I am now a dedicated pocket page scrapbooker! Although I must admit that the Project life line of products is not my favorite nowadays, they are what inspired me. And with the help of Studio Calico and Gossamer Blue monthly subscriptions I have become so much more creative and enjoy sitting down every week to scrap. 

Well thats all for today. Please comment, like, share, and the usual blah blah. I could really use some lovin on here. Let me know if you want to see more Project life related posts. Product reviews, or anything else. 

As always, have a wonderful day lovelies.