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Monday, September 22, 2014

My Stationery Addiction + New Video

Are you there friends, it's me Brandon.

So today has been a rather strange day. Since I have decided that Monday was going to be my usual upload day I have been getting in the habit of working on my videos early in the morning. But today I wasn't able to stick to my normal routine. I started filming on time but no matter how hard I tried or how scripted I tried to make my video, I kept getting unbearable tongue tied. I had given up trying at around noon and decided I would just not upload this week.

But for some reason this really bummed me out, and I felt that I was letting you guys down. So after a decently long nap I decided to get back to work and do my best to finish this video. So I know it is not the most polished video ever, but I had to throw something together.

Well friends it is bedtime for me now. Please let me know what you thought of my video. And please let me know if there are any video's you might be interested in me filming.

As always it has been a complete pleasure, and I will talk to you guys soon!