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Friday, October 10, 2014

Nicholas Sparks: The Best of Me book review

Are you there friends, its me Brandon.

So as most days go, my plans for my time off didn't go quite as planned. Once I got home from work I crawled in bed and napped for hours, throwing off my schedule for the day. I was hoping to have this blog post up for you guys sooner in the day but thats life for you.

Today I wanted to share with you a review of a book I just finished reading by Nicolas Sparks called The best of Me. Now I have never done a book review on my blog or youtube channel, but I am quite an avid reader. So I am really excited to start sharing some of the books that I love, so to start I wanted to share what I've read most recently.

I picked up this book at Target the other day, and in less than a day and a half I finished it. It is not a particularly long book, 291 pages in the Trade Paperback format, nor is it a difficult read. This is the very first book I have read from Nicholas Sparks, though I have seen the film versions of a few of his novels. I was in the mood for what I call a "bleeding heart" novel and since his books were on sale I picked up the first one that sounded interesting.

So on with the review!

This book is a love story (obviously) and it centers around two characters, Dawson and Amanda. In their teenage years these kids from different sides of the tracks share a spark that is wildly apposed by their families and soon are forced asunder. Fast forward 20 years Dawson and Amanda have led very different lives. While Amanda married and started a family, Dawson never forgot his undying love for Amanda and steadfastly armored his heart against falling in love. The death of their mutual friend Tuck draws them back to their hometown and sets in motion events that neither the two would ever imagine. While Amanda and Dawson are happy to be reunited once again, their relationship stays friendly and cordial. But Tuck has other things in mind and has left some requests to be fulfilled by his two closest friends, which will reignite the flame they shared two decades ago. But a sinister plot by an old family member threatens to demolish it all.

This novel employes a shared narrative. It switches back and forth between the characters involved, which tends to get quite confusing. I found myself backtracking to figure out who was feeling what, or who was making an observation. The chapter length was reasonable and the author used plenty of line breaks to signify changes in the scene or sometimes who was narrating. From the start I could tell Sparks was building a house of cards. Each situation was presented to you then assembled into a solid structure. And as the book went on the house got bigger and bigger until the inevitable end where it all comes crashing down. In this case though the cards all fell right into place and no question went unanswered.

Overall this book kept my attention and was written by someone who knows how to tell a story. Though the characters aren't particularly sophisticated they aren't outwardly shallow either. The end of this book settled with an iron clad finality that didn't leave you wanting more. In fact Sparks left you with a feeling that any more to the book would have been unnecessary. In the end I would give this book 4 out of 5 stars. It is a great novel and would occupy your time quite nicely on a weekend trip. I would have liked a more liner narration and perhaps less predictability. Yet it is a book I am happy to have purchased and read, and will suggest it to my friends.

Well I hope you enjoyed this book review. I bet it felt like you were almost reading a whole book on here huh? I love reading and talking about books so much. So please let me know in the comments below if you would like to see more book reviews in the future, because I would be happy to post them. Also if you have any book suggestions I would love to hear them.

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If you are interested in buying this book here is the link to it on amazon (where it is cheaper than at target apparently)

And until next time, have an amazing evening!